I am honored to serve as the Mayor of Lake Villa. Together, we have accomplished much in the past sixteen years, but the work is not done. Thank you for electing me to serve you for another four years. Together we are building a stronger community.

A recent article written in the Lake County News-Sun by Diana Kuyper captures my purpose for running for re-election.

Retired since 2006 from teaching at Triton College in River Grove, Loffredo said he is seeking re-election because he enjoys the job. “I feel I have made an impact by getting others involved in accomplishing tremendous things for the village, whether economically or historically. During those 16 years we have used creativity to overcome obstacles.”

The economy will provide more challenges in the future. “Our focus on stability is paramount. We have kept our Village fiscally sound, we’ve increased rather than decreased services and we have good people in the right places and we all work well together.”

“We have allowed our departments to function without micromanaging. The people are here 24/7 because they live and work in the village. We have got good people and we allow them to do what they do best.

“We have a lot of good things happening and we expect to hit the street running once economic times are better,” he added.

He counts among major accomplishments the purchase of Lehmann Mansion, creating Longwood Centre Park adjacent to the mansion, and Lake Villa Baseball Park on Grass Lake Road.

For the future, economic development is high on Loffredo’s list of priorities.

“We are surrounded by large communities gobbling in the big-box stores,” he said. “We have had to look for our niche and found it with two active and thriving industrial parks. This has created a revenue source for us and for our schools. They have given us a good solid economic base.”

For those of you who have already chosen Lake Villa as your residence, you are aware of the generations-old “home town” qualities which make it a very special place to reside and raise a family. For those just browsing, our goal is to reinforce the small town centennial atmosphere with big town amenities.

We have the finest schools, the two cleanest lakes in the Midwest, hundreds of acres of forest preserve, youth sports programs, and an excellent library facility. Our dedicated community oriented Police and Public Works Departments are well equipped and staffed to meet all of your needs. Fire and Rescue services are provided by exceptionally well-trained individuals committed to servking their community.

We have a new Historical Society to preserve the area’s heritage and maintain the future museum at the Lehmann Mansion, and a Park Committee developing our parks and recreation areas for the citizenry.


Frank M. Loffredo
Lake Villa Mayor

Lake Villa is a village in Lake County, Illinois United States. The population was 8,741 at the 2010 census, up from 5,864 in 2000. Lake Villa lies within Lake Villa Township. Originally settled as a resort town where the affluent and many tourists came to relax, Lake Villa today is a vibrant, diverse community with a growing business community.